Bursaries are made available to ensure that a Rockhampton Girls Grammar School education remains accessible to families who, without financial assistance, could not enrol their child at Girls Grammar. Each year the Board of Trustees of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School allocates an amount to a fund for the purpose of providing fee support to families facing financial difficulty.

Bursaries will be available to both new and existing enrolments.

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School will award bursaries in the form of a discount on tuition fees on a scale from 20% up to 100% in exceptional circumstances. In limited circumstances, a bursary may be offered for a percentage of boarding fees. All other fees payable as detailed in the School's Fee Schedules will not form part of the bursary allocation and these costs are required to be paid by parents/guardians in full.


  1. Parents/guardians seeking a bursary are required to complete the Bursary Application Form which seeks to establish the financial circumstances of the household. The application form requests details of household and business income and expenditure, and should be accompanied by documentary evidence where possible. A Bursary Application should be addressed to the School Principal and submitted to the School Enrolments Officer at the same time as the Application for Enrolment in the case of new students or as soon as financial circumstances change in the case of existing enrolments. The Bursary Application Form is available on the School Website or from the Enrolments Officer on request .

  2. Bursaries will be awarded on a demonstrable needs basis. Applicants are asked to provide supporting financial documentation with application, or renewal of a Bursary. We ask that this information be provided on a voluntary basis however, where documentary evidence is not provided this may affect the bursary offering. Details of documents required are included on the application form.

  3. An interview may be requested between the Business Manager and the parents/guardians to ensure information is correctly interpreted.

  4. Parents/guardians will be advised in writing whether their child is to be offered a Bursary and the level of the offer.

  5. Parents/guardians will be required to sign a letter of acceptance in regard to the bursary offered and an acknowledgement agreeing to the conditions of the bursary and to the conditions of enrolment.

Please note: The decision to award a bursary and the level of assistance granted is entirely at the joint discretion of the Principal and Business Manager. No correspondence will be entered into with regard to such decisions. The bursary is subject to satisfactory reports to the Principal on the student’s work, contribution to Girls Grammar and compliance with conditions of the bursary.





Application Form (new students only)

Bursary application

Your daughter's most recent Academic Reports (new students only)

Birth Certificate (new students only)

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