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A Word from our Acting Principal - School Pride and Policies

Operating a school is a complex business. As education professionals we are constantly adapting and re-prioritising what needs to be completed, followed up or actioned throughout a day. Often what we set out to achieve at the start of the day can only be returned to in the evening after the days’ completion. In everything we do, our priority is to provide a positive, safe and supportive environment for all students to ensure they flourish academically, socially and emotionally. We all strive to meet the individual needs of our girls while addressing situations that may arise throughout the day.

Depending on the situation it can take a period of time to speak with others involved to gather a complete picture of events before communicating with parents. As a parent I understand that we are emotionally invested in our children’s wellbeing and only want what’s best for them. However, there are clear processes around the acceptable use of technology and social media for the safety of all students.

To quote directly from our policy:

“The school’s email system must only be used for communication directly linked to a student’s education and/or school matters. Staff and students are not permitted to use their school email address for personal correspondence.”

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School’s Mobile Phone Policy states:

“Phones used during lessons may be confiscated for that day. Repeated breaches may see permission to have the phone at school revoked. Parents are asked to ensure that they are not calling their daughters during the school day. In an emergency situation, Reception remains the appropriate means of contacting students.”

If you have concerns about something that has occurred during the day I encourage you to follow the reporting flowchart as outlined in the Student Bullying Policy.

As educators and parents we strive to build resilience in our children. The lifelong skills of managing conflicting situations, raising concerns respectfully and becoming increasingly resilient will serve them throughout their lives. As we grow, we learn to cope and manage with life’s disappointments and navigate uncomfortable situations. It is important we support our children in problem solving in various situations rather than trying to solve the problem for them. We are all responsible and committed to nurturing girls who are clever, confident and connected and this can be best achieved when we take a collective and respectful approach.

This week I acknowledged the number of girls who had either participated or volunteered in the many events that had taken place over the past fortnight. I recognised and praised them on the commitment and pride they showed in themselves, each other and our school. I continued my message on assembly around school pride being a ‘vibe’ or a feeling that is seen, heard and felt, which is picked up and commented on by visitors through the gates of Girls Grammar. I talked about pride being the way in which you carry yourself as a Girls Grammar Girl, it’s the manners and willingness to initiate and engage in conversation with those you walk past - not only to those you know well, but with guests to our school. It is these first impressions made on new families visiting for action tours or enrolment interviews that have a lasting positive impact on those who wish to join our Girls Grammar community.

Kara Krehlik

Acting Principal



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