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A Word from our Principal - Leadership Handover

Welcome to the last, and shortest, term of the year. Term 4 is always very busy and, as we celebrate many events and milestones, the time passes quickly. I look forward to meeting with our community over the coming weeks to celebrate the year’s achievements, successes and memorable moments.

Leadership handover

At our final assembly on the last day of Term 3, we announced our school leaders for 2021. Individual positions will not be announced until Speech Night but I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following girls who have accepted prefect roles for the coming year: Brooke Adams, Tyla Cringle, Hannah Goodwin, Charlotte Graham, Emma Jones, Jessica Leane, Sydney Peff, Zara Priddle, Georgia Sherry and Olivia Sherry.

Over the coming weeks, we will spend time with the Year 11s, discussing leadership and building their capacity to lead our students over the next twelve months. Leadership is not about a title and it requires more than influencing, guiding and controlling others. Good student leadership is anchored in a number of key traits including care and compassion, service to others, strong communication, honesty and selflessness. Over my time in education, I’ve seen many student leaders who have not just led at their best, they’ve lived at their best. They have understood that to lead others effectively, they first have to lead themselves effectively.

This has meant they have needed to self-reflect, to show great vision and insight, to listen. At times, they have needed deep perception, they have needed to empathise with other members of the community, they have had to accept that others have different ideas or opinions, they have needed to advocate respectfully. They have chosen to prioritise the needs of others in order to build community. They have understood that a small gesture can make a big difference.

As they approach the last couple of weeks of their secondary education, I would like to thank our 2020 seniors for their leadership, the connections they have made and the positive influence they have had. I am sure that our 2021 leaders will also approach their leadership with an attitude of caring, service and compassion, with commitment to the growth of themselves, their peers and all Girls Grammar girls. We wish them every success and all our support as they undertake this very important role in our school.

Why a girls’ school?

Throughout the year, I have enjoyed meeting new and prospective families and showcasing our vibrant and dynamic community. It is a pleasure to talk about Girls Grammar and to highlight our holistic approach to learning, wellbeing and personal growth. Girls Grammar values encouraging girls to be clever, confident and connected. Our girls are supported to take responsible risks, they are provided with multiple and varied opportunities to engage and grow, both in the classroom and through our range of clubs, committees and co-curricular offerings. We look for the strengths in each girl and we know that each one makes a valuable contribution to our community.

Girls Grammar reflects the research on girls’ education. A report out of the University of Queensland has shown that the choice of a single-sex school is important for closing gender gaps. In a single-sex school, girls are surrounded by female role models and self-confidence is nurtured in a supportive environment. Girls’ schools are aspirational: they focus on what girls can do and any stereotypes about what girls can or should study don’t exist. All-girls schools are intentional about creating the characteristics that girls need to be successful, regardless of the area they pursue.

It is always a pleasure to be able to communicate these messages to families, knowing that our girls themselves are the best examples of what a Girls Grammar education provides.

Term 4 Events

Over the holidays, we sent a communication home to families to advise of updates to our end of year events. Further information on each event will be provided closer to the time. Changes may also occur as government regulations are updated.

  • Tuesday 17 November - Year 12 Graduation Onsite at Girls Grammar from 5.30pm

  • Tuesday 17 November – Boarder Farewell Dinner Onsite at Girls Grammar from 7.30pm

  • Wednesday 18 November – Girls Rock – Pilbeam Theatre Under current COVID-19 regulations, not all members of our community will be able to attend this year. At this stage, attendance will be limited to:

o All Year 12 students.

o All performers.

o Guests of Year 12 students and all performers (two tickets per family will be allocated).

o Staff required for the performance.

Should the Pilbeam’s Covid-Safe Plan change and more tickets become available, we will open up the opportunity for more members of our community to attend.

  • Thursday 19 November – Year 12 Hat Throwing Ceremony – 12.35pm School finishes for all students at 12.45 p.m. to enable preparation for Speech Night.

  • Thursday 19 November – Speech Night – Pilbeam Theatre We are unable to hold our ceremony at the Baptist Tabernacle this year. In order to secure a booking at The Pilbeam Theatre, we have moved Speech Night Thursday 19th. We will hold two ceremonies with attendance as follows:

o Primary Speech Night – 5.00pm – 6.00pm All primary students will be able to attend with two guests. Year 6 graduation will form part of the Primary Speech Night program.

o Secondary Speech Night – 7.00pm – 8.30pm

§ All Year 12 students plus 2 guests per student

§ All Year 11 students plus 2 guests per student

§ All Award winners plus 2 guests per student

§ Boarders

§ Any other students involved in performances plus 2 guests per student.

  • Monday 23 November – P-4 Swimming Carnival

  • Wednesday 25 November – Transition Day for P-7

  • Friday 27 November – School Party with the term concluding at midday. At this stage, we anticipate this year’s party will be limited to students and staff.

If you have any questions about any of the above events, please do not hesitate to contact the School.

Deanne Johnston



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