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A Wrap on 2023: Clever, Confident and Connected Young Women

As we wrap up an exhilarating journey through Term 3 and Term 4, it brings me immense joy to reflect on the myriad of achievements, connections, and moments of pure enjoyment we've experienced together as a school community. Serving as the Deputy Principal - Students, these terms have been a testament to the clever, confident, and connected spirit that defines Girls Grammar.

Clever minds were in full bloom as our students’ embraced challenges with enthusiasm and determination. From classroom triumphs to cocurricular excellence, our students showcased intelligence coupled with a thirst for knowledge. Witnessing their growth and accomplishments has been nothing short of inspiring.

Confidence radiated through our school as our students fearlessly took on new challenges. Whether it was a captivating classroom with assessment presentations, representing the school on the sporting field, or by bringing us together with performance; the girls self-assuredness always ceases to amaze me. Nurturing this confidence has been a privilege, and I look forward to watching it continue to flourish in 2024.

Connection lies at the heart of our school ethos, and these terms were no exception. The joy of working closely with students and parents alike has been a highlight of my role. It's in these partnerships that we truly see the strength of our school community. Our school serves as a vital platform among various avenues through which we cultivate strong connections and awareness. Some highlights include the Interhouse Choir Competition, Sister’s meetings, Pink Day, Ponytail Chop and Daffodil Day – these occasions not only raised important funds and awareness but also created lasting memories and connections throughout the entire school community. The sense of unity and purpose during these events was palpable, showcasing our community's collective power.

One of the most rewarding experiences has been overseeing the Prefect Selection Process. Witnessing our students step up to leadership roles with poise and determination reaffirmed the bright future ahead for 2024. It's a pleasure to see our 2024 Prefects take on responsibilities with grace and commitment. I look forward to working very closely with the Prefects and the rest of the Year 12 Cohort next year.

A final word to the graduating Seniors of 2023. Oh, how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go. Wishing you the best of luck for the next chapter of your lives. We look forward to seeing you return to Girls Grammar, as Old Girls.

As we close out the schooling year, let's celebrate the accomplishments, the friendships, and the growth we've experienced together. Here's to a 2024 filled with empowering clever, confident, and connected young women.

Sammy Cobon

Deputy Principal - Students



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