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Acts of Kindness - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

As outlined in the book ‘The Science of Subjective Well-Being’ it has been shown that it is the frequency of positive emotions and not their intensity, which builds our wellbeing most effectively. The greatest effect is shown when it is through in person social connection. This effect is multiplied when it involves doing good for others to feel good and feeling good to do good. These actions are called acts of kindness, and they show a willingness to reach out for social connectedness, a key skill of social-emotional resilience. The most important point for us to impress upon our girls is that acts of kindness don’t have to be big things, but rather regular little positive words and actions to lift the spirits of another person.

Simple actions such as, a smile, making an effort to say good morning, a nod of acknowledgement and asking how they are feeling, all generate positive emotions in others and ourselves. We all have millions of mirror neurons which copy the expressions and moods of those around us. We can all remember being inspired by others positivity and unfortunately, also being pulled down by others negativity. Asking our girls to write down in their planners as a regular reflection activity what kind acts, they did or received enables them to build their resilience skillset. The flow on effect is a more intuitive level of self-regulation, having a heightened awareness of opportunities to be kind.

Social change can be achieved if we all take the time to be kind.

Mr Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal - Students



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