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Boarding Bulletin

This week has been one of recognising and celebrating our talented and dedicated boarders. Over the weekend Caitlin and Kiera wowed us with major roles in the musical. Their talent and dedication to ‘Alice in Wonderland Jnr’ was inspirational. All the boarders were invited to attend, and they were very glad they did. We celebrated Clare and Millie’s talents on stage and Alex working behind the scenes. Being involved in the musical is a considerable commitment and it is lovely to witness these girls immense talents. I am hoping that more of our talented boarders will feel inspired to join the musical next year. Over the weekend we hosted Haylee, a girl who is joining our RGGS boarding family in 2021. Haylee was here participating in the Art Camp that was run by Mrs Hanasy-Cheers. We had Haylee stay with us in Jackson house and she attended the musical with us.

On Wednesday, the boarding community was well represented both in numbers and quality with six Year 11 girls presenting their prefect speeches. These young ladies did a wonderful job. We are wishing Brooke, Hannah, Emma, Zara, Georgia and Olivia all the best. They will all make terrific leaders if their contribution to our boarding community is anything to go by.

Mock exams for the Year 12 girls is also consuming us this week. Their exams started on Tuesday and for some will go till Monday next week. Their hard work will be reflected in their results. Wishing everyone a lovely break with their families over the next couple of weeks. Our interstate girls are able to travel home and our thoughts are with our lovely PNG families who are to spend another break without their precious daughters. This group of girls are certainly resilient and inspirational and deserve to be recognised for their dedication to their education. Have a fabulous break.

Ms Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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