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Boarding Bulletin

Stormy weather in Rocky is certainly keeping us on our toes. The storms have meant that some of our outdoor activities have been cancelled but luckily for us we still managed a trip to the pool on Sunday. Miss Watson was generous and let the girls take underwater photos with her waterproof camera. The girls clearly had a wonderful time. I misStsed the trip to the pool as I was with Mrs Johnston visiting some future RGGS families in the Mackay area. We are off to Roma on the 7th and 8th of November and we hope we will catch up with some of our current and future families during this road trip.

The rain has also made everything lovely and green - practically overnight. Hopefully our families are receiving some of these decent falls. The girls are looking forward to our trip to Great Keppel Island. It is such a beautiful place to spend a day. Deadly Choices and other activities have continued as usual. Girls Rock auditions have been held so congratulations to those girls participating in such a wonderful event. The girls are coming into a period of assessment and exams at the moment. The Year 12s have completed a number of their external exams already. Keeping focused for such a long exam block is going to test some. We wish them all the best for the exams still to come. Have a great weekend!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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