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Boarding Bulletin

To celebrate National Boarding Week last week we:

  1. entered a video in a competition run by the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA). The competition has now closed but you can still visit the School's Facebook page (19 May) or pop over to ABSA's Facebook page to view it (18 May).

  2. showed a presentation on assembly of our girls’ homes to show the day school how boarding is a home away from home.

  3. had a sneaky surprise birthday morning tea for Tilly.

  4. started a new pin board decorating competition (for both the noticeboard and girls own pin boards). It is now in full action showing the true competitiveness between the dorms. They are all looking amazing and I am so excited to see the final results.

  5. finished the week competing in the 2km Rocky River Run, with impressive results and many pbs broken.

Mackinley Cox

Boarding Prefect



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