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Boarding Bulletin

This week we have been busily preparing Jackson House for the return of our Years 7 to 10 boarders. The girls will notice a few little changes that we hope will help them feel more comfortable and at home. We are looking forward to their arrival on Sunday and I am quite sure there will be a lot of excited chatter as they set up their rooms and see their friends again.

As our boarders return, it is a good time to reflect on the importance of boarding schools. Boarding schools don’t just provide a means to education, although the provision of boarding options means that rural and remote students have greater schooling choices. Boarding schools also allow students to access facilities and experiences that may not be available within their local communities. Significantly though, boarding schools foster a depth of relationships that result in lifelong friendships. The communal experiences of boarding life produce strong bonds of friendship which are central in fostering young people’s social and emotional competence as well as their confidence.

As we return from the online learning environment, what I am looking forward to most is seeing the girls again, welcoming them back to the campus and watching them connect and relax within their home away from home. Whilst this will be a shorter term away from home, and there are some new and different processes in place to address the current landscape in which we live, every member of the boarding staff is committed to ensuring the girls are well cared for, they enjoy their time in boarding and they are supported to engage, grow and thrive.

Please do not hesitate to contact the boarding house staff or any member of the Executive if we can offer any support or assistance as the girls transition back to boarding.

We look forward to welcoming many of our boarders back on Sunday.

Mrs Deanne Johnston



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