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Boarding Bulletin

We love having international students at Girls Grammar. We currently have six girls from Papua New Guinea who are an integral and much loved part of our boarding family. A couple of the girls haven’t been home since January 2020. Last week I spoke with our current international students from Papua New Guinea. They had lots of positive things to say about Girls Grammar. These were some of the things they loved about being a Girls Grammar boarder:

  • As international students, they felt embraced and welcomed.

  • RGGS is a friendly, small community.

  • Student-teacher relationships are cherished (some classes up to 60 students at home).

  • Teachers are supportive, helpful and caring. Girls can ask freely for help.

  • Tutoring free of an afternoon, there’s one-on-one support all the time.

  • Academics is a focus and they are pushed to do their best. Even when considering dropping something staff will talk to them to give them the confidence to continue.

  • Inexpensive compared to other schools.

  • So much on offer and opportunities not available back home.

  • Able to get part time jobs – no jobs available at all at home.

  • Willing to take them to church.

  • Australian experiences like Bulls and Barrels are a highlight as they experience our culture.

  • We take them to any PNG sporting events or celebrations that are on in Rocky e.g. When the PNG Hunters play football here.

  • The sisterhood and friendships are cherished.

  • Rockhampton is a great size and location – easy to get here, good weather, offers lots but still feels safer than bigger cities.

  • Beach is close.

  • Opportunities like prefect and Head Girl positions.

  • Lots of great and timely support with the application and visa process.

  • Access to university programs and open days.

We look forward to having more international girls join us in the coming years. They add so much to our boarding community. Wishing all our families a great weekend.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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