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Camps - A Message from Deputy Principal

As we prepare ourselves to welcome home our weary campers, it is a good time to reflect on why it is that the Camp program is important for our daughters. In the phase between nervous and excited on day one and exhaustion on day 3, the camp experience is beneficial to the development of your daughter as a whole person.

Development of social skills

Camp is a great opportunity to develop a range of social skills. Most activities at camp involve team work, which is great to strengthen established friendships and to develop new friendships by connecting with girls they don’t regularly interact with at school.

Development of independence skills

For many girls, camp is their first time away from family and home for a few nights. Parents are not there to remind their kids to eat their vegetables, brush their teeth, or to have a shower. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for kids to grow up by learning how take care of themselves and to do things on their own. Most kids do rise to the challenge and learn to rely on themselves when they spend time away from home.

Learning new skills

At camp, girls will be exposed to a range of activities that they may not have tried before. When away from their parents, girls are often more adventurous and willing to try new things.

Stimulates students’ creative wild side

One of the many benefits of camp is stimulating students’ creative wild side. They are often forced into nature, away from their digital devices and the overwhelming amount of social media. It’s important to encourage their creative minds to run free.

Building relationships

Having a strong, positive relationship with their teacher/s can assist in students learning and camps can help these relationships and gives teachers and students an opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

Mr Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal (Acting)



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