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Celebrating Excellence: Ms Bennett's Master's Degree in Inclusive Education

On Wednesday's Secondary Assembly, it was with pride and joy that we gathered together to celebrate a significant achievement within our community.

I was honoured to announce that Ms Bennett, a valued member of Girls Grammar, has recently been awarded a Master's degree in Inclusive Education from Charles Sturt University. This accomplishment is not only a testament to her dedication and hard work, but also a significant milestone in her journey as an educator and as an advocate for inclusive practices.

Inclusive education lies at the heart of our mission here at Girls Grammar. It embodies our commitment to creating learning environments where every individual is valued, respected, and supported. Through Ms Bennett's pursuit of this post graduate degree, she has demonstrated her dedication to this ethos, and her determination to make a positive impact on the lives of our girls.

Ms Bennett has not only expanded her own knowledge and skills but has also enriched our community with her insights, passion, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. She has been a significant contributor to our Early Years Science of Reading program. Her expertise will undoubtedly continue to inspire and empower our team to continue striving for excellence in our educational practices.

As we celebrate Ms Bennett's achievements, let us also reflect on the profound importance of lifelong learning. Education is not simply a means to an end but a journey of continuous growth and discovery. Her accomplishment serves as a reminder to us all that learning does not stop and that with dedication and perseverance, we can achieve extraordinary things.

Please join me in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Ms Bennett. Her achievement is a source of inspiration for us all. I was very pleased to be able to present her Master’s certificate to her and we are incredibly proud to have her as part of our Girls Grammar family.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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