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Clever, Confident, and Connected: Our Girls Shine in the Last Week of Term 3

To wrap up an exciting third term at Girls Grammar, this week our students have really demonstrated what it means to be 'Clever, Confident, and Connected.'

Smart and Self-Assured

I had the privilege of visiting our Year 3 students, and I must say, they blew me away. These young learners took me on a tour of all the learning they have engaged in this term. From building bridges in technology to diving into Lorax stories learning walls in English, their enthusiasm was contagious. In the Science Wonder Lab, they confidently explained the differences between solids, liquids, and gases with hands-on experiments. And I never knew math could be so much fun as they enthusiastically and theatrically demonstrated fractions with ice cream.

The HASS presentation was equally impressive, as students shared what they've learned about Australian states and territories, complete with fascinating facts and where they would love to visit in the future. This level of knowledge and engagement wouldn't be possible without our dedicated teachers who inspire a love for learning.

Connected and Caring

Our girls are not just academically gifted; they're also incredibly connected with each other and the community. Tuesday night's netball presentation was a prime example of this. It was a heartwarming evening where parents, family members, the girls, coaches and managers came together to celebrate their achievements. It is this warmth and appreciation that makes our school community so special, and wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of staff, parents and volunteers. A sincere thank you to Director of Sport Greta Doherty and Girls Grammar Netball Coordinator Liz Curtis for a fabulous season, and with the growth in netball seen this year, I’m sure we will see continued strength in this sport as a key cocurricular activity for our school.

Our 'R U OK? Day' was another beautiful display of connection. This day dedicated to mental health awareness encouraged meaningful conversations and checking in on one another. The odd socks and engaging activities made it clear that our girls and our staff care deeply about the well-being of others and was exemplified by the whole school engagement in lunch time activities by students and staff.

Looking Ahead

As we say goodbye to this term, the primary ball games and Naarah's touch carnival showed us once again how 'clever, confident, and connected' our girls are.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Primary Ball Games Carnival; Downs taking out the House Spirit award and Paterson as overall winner. It was a hard fought final amongst the secondary girls at Naarah’s touch, with Williams the overall winner and Paterson being awarded House Spirit. Congratulations to Beryl Toby for being awarded player of the final!

As we move into the next term, and our year 12 students commence their external exams in Week 4, we begin a period of transition with our incoming prefects taking on more of the leadership responsibilities. Congratulations to our 2024 prefects who were announced at today’s end of term assembly: Kelsie Bennett, Kara-Lee Buckton, Charlotte Carroll, Jessica Chapman, Bethany Dey, Harriet Farrell, Ella Fort, Dale Lewis, Tylah Mitchell, and Georgia Priddle.

To all Year 11 and those girls who were unsuccessful, I would like to remind you that leadership is not just about badges; it's about the character and integrity you demonstrate. You are all seen as leaders and I know you will embrace the term ahead and your final year as seniors that is just around the corner.

Wishing all our staff, students and families a well-deserved break this September before we gear up for Term 4 and all the end-of-year celebrations it brings. We can't wait to welcome our boarders back on Tuesday 3 October and see all our girls for the first day back on Wednesday 4 October.

Kara Krehlik



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