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Culinary Delights: A Taste of Success Across Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

I am thrilled to share the exciting culinary accomplishments of our talented students at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. From delicious and nutritious muffins to meals designed for diet-related diseases, and even a food truck extravaganza, our students have been hard at work perfecting their culinary skills.

Year 7: Muffin Mania for a Healthier Tomorrow

Our Year 7 students embarked on a delightful culinary journey, perfecting a perfectly golden, tender and yummy muffin! The term focus was to create a muffin that is high in iron and low in fat; they aimed to craft a treat that would be both delicious, healthy and appealing for the Girls Grammar Canteen. The muffins that were designed were all produced safely and hygienically with the girls being proud of their efforts. It’s a shame the wider community weren’t able to purchase them from the school canteen.

Year 8-10: Exploring Diet-Related Diseases through Food

Our Year 8 -10 students delved into the world of diet-related diseases through extensive research and practical cooking. They learned about various diseases and their connections to dietary choices through the practicals each week demonstrating how food can help bodies that suffer with a variety of diet related diseases. Armed with this knowledge, they put their culinary skills to the test by creating meals suitable for individuals managing these health conditions.

Their dedication to designing balanced and tasty dishes was evident in the final results. These meals not only cater to dietary restrictions but also burst with flavours that can be enjoyed by all. This project not only improved their culinary expertise but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards healthy eating.

Year 11/12 Hospitality Practices: Food Truck Festival

Our senior students in Years 11 and 12 have been taking their culinary talents to the next level with a focus on food trucks. They have been learning the history of the food truck industry, from menu planning and preparation to event management and the safety regulations across the Livingstone Shire and Rockhampton Regional Councils.

Their final assessment was a successfully executed food truck event on campus, exclusively for our staff and senior students. This event allowed them to showcase their culinary prowess, and it was a huge hit. Food options that were available to purchase: Beef Teriyaki Sliders or Chicken Dumplings with dipping sauce, Butter Chicken with Naan or Tacos with all the fillings and Chocolate Brownie with a Strawberry Coulis and House-made Vanilla Ice-cream or Vanilla Sponge with Strawberry Cream and Honeycomb.

This event not only provided a unique dining experience for our school community but also gave our senior students valuable hands-on experience in the hospitality industry.

I am immensely proud of our students' culinary achievements across all year levels. Their dedication, creativity, and commitment to promoting healthy eating and culinary excellence are truly commendable.

This term saw us introducing new recycling and food composting procedures in our kitchens to engage students with sustainable practices.

I am excited to take the Year 7-10 students through to their last unit for the year, Textiles!, where Year 7 will be engaging with messages that promote sustainability while creating a tote bag and Year 8-10 will be taking fashion inspiration from an icon and reflecting their style on a piece of clothing that they will produce.

Emily Alley

Food and Textiles Teacher



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