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Curriculum Catch-Up

It has been a bumpy ride for our Year 12 girls in 2020. There have been challenges to overcome throughout their entire educational journey, but this year has been particularly tough. The obvious influence is the impact of COVID-19. Whilst Girls Grammar handled the transition to online learning and back with assurance, it was nonetheless an unwelcome imposition in the most important year of our girls’ education thus far. It is of course also the first year for graduands of the new QCE system including the allocation of the first ATARs. One of the obstacles has been the decision to remove one of three internal assessments from each subject. In some cases, these changes were mandated and in other cases, Girls Grammar was able to make the decisions. In all cases the best interests of the students were always at the forefront of decision making. This week will mark the end of the internal assessment cycle for our Year 12 girls in general subjects. All focus now turns towards preparation for external exams. It is important to note here that not all subjects are equal in terms of requirements and weightings. This carries through to preparation requirements as well. Whilst there have been changes to how many internal assessments there are in 2020, the balance between internal and external assessments will remain the same. For mathematics and science subjects, the external examinations will still contribute 50% of a student’s final grade. For all other subjects, the external examinations will still contribute 25% of the final grade. For mathematics, science and arts subjects, the examinations will be based on Unit 3 and Unit 4 – meaning an entire year of work will be assessed. For all other subjects, the examinations will be based only on Unit 4. Our Year 12 girls are fully aware the preparation for these exams cannot be completed solely in class time and a very significant amount of independent work is required over a sustained period. Whilst our students do need to maintain a balance in their lives by ensuring time for family, friends and exercise, they should be thinking about limiting work and other activities for the next few months. We want each girl to be able to achieve her best possible results and move onto the next phase of her life with no regrets about lost opportunities.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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