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Curriculum Catch-Up

We are now into our first full week of student attendance and our academic programs are well underway. We encourage you to discuss your daughter’s learning with her each day. Parental engagement in their child’s education is a proven way to build positive relationships and raise achievement. At Girls Grammar we are always looking to maximise the potential of our students. In our teacher professional development program which we ran before students returned, we looked specifically at the 2020 academic progress of each girl from Year 4 up. Care teachers were able to identify students achieving full and half colours (academic excellence and academic merit in the primary school) as well as those who just missed out and why that was the case. We looked at whether students performed better in certain subjects and dug into the reasons why that may be the case. Importantly, we also looked at the academic growth of each girl in 2020. We strongly believe that recognising improvement is a driving factor in long term achievement. This week and next we will move to the next phase of academic analysis where students will develop academic goal setting for Term 1. They will do this by analysing their Grade Point Average (GPA) and searching for potential areas of growth. Care teachers will then help students develop S.M.A.R.T. goals which are achievable within a term. Each girl will then meet with the teacher of their targeted subject (or subjects) to discuss their goal(s). Mrs Johnston and I have worked with the Year 10 students this week and it has been great to see the focus of their educational goals. One example is a student who has chosen to work with her English teacher on developing her analytical essay skills through focussed and specific practise. This smart and efficient use of data is a great example of how Girls Grammar develops each girl to be her best.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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