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Finishing the Term Strong - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

As we come to the end of Week 9, we are settling into our Semester 2 timetable and look forward to the upcoming holiday break. It is important that we make the most of the last days of term. In particular, I would like to pay attention to the little things as we conduct our daily routine. These include maintaining our high standard of uniform and dress, including the wearing of jewellery and hair.

I would also like to see us reduce the use of technology outside of classes. The time before school and during breaks is an important opportunity to create and consolidate our interpersonal relationships with our peers. The Lancet’s article, The effects of social deprivation on adolescent development and mental health, discusses the use of social media and other forms of online communication during the COVID-19 isolation while emphasising the importance of face to face contact for healthy physical and mental development.

It is also important that we maintain our good hygiene practices to keep our school community safe as we look forward to the introduction of Stage 3 restriction for the start Term 3.

Maintaining our good hygiene practices include:

  • washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or using hand sanitiser, when entering school and at regular intervals throughout the day, particularly before and after eating and after going to the toilet

  • coughing and sneezing into an elbow or a tissue

  • placing used tissues straight into the bin

  • avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth

  • not sharing food or drink

  • regular cleaning of personal devices (laptops, mobile phones, etc)

In the case of illness, the school is required to follow the Queensland government exclusion direction as outlined below.

“If an educator or staff member suspects a child in their care is unwell with a contagious illness, they must notify the parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must collect the child as soon as possible, and the child must not return to the school or early childhood service until they are well or enough time has passed that they are not contagious.”

Enjoy the last week of term.

Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal - Students



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