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FUEL-ing our students fire

Wanting to ignite our students' flames, we are fuelling our girls chances of success.

Signing up to a Girl Shaped Flames (GSF) connect night, hosted by FUEL founder Tanya Meessmann, the Girls Grammar event will be held in line with FUEL's GSF launch event in Brisbane on Wednesday 16 May.

We will be live streaming the event to regional schools across Queensland.

We are making a night of it for all of our boarders and students who will be actively participating in the event by asking questions to the panels of guests that Tanya will be interviewing.

With future career aspirations in medicine, teaching, occupational therapy and agriculture, year 11 students Darcie Lang, Erin Goodwin and Taylor Busbridge are excited to have access to this networking platform.

"To me this means not having to search for our own mentors, but having the opportunity to be able to talk to people in the field we are wanting to go into on one platform,” Darcie said.

"We can talk to them about their experiences and how their day works.

"I feel like I will be able to make more informed decisions because of it.”

Erin, who is interested in going into Agriculture, said having this platform would allow her to speak to women in that field and how they deal with an industry that is heavily male-dominated.

"They could give you their past experiences and how to overcome any adversities you may face.

Taylor said she is excited to be connected to influential people from all over the world.

"Coming from a small town, we can meet people who have experience of what it's like to live in a big city and do all the big things we don't get to do.”

Energy Queensland Manager of Emergency Planning and Response, Michelle Bradshaw, is Rockhampton's go-to guru for FUEL.

"I am a Yeppoon girl like Tanya, and I wish I had a platform such as this one growing up,” she said.

"Growing up I thought to be successful you had to move away and carve out a different life to what my family and friends were doing, because I couldn't see any role models or opportunities for me here.

"To be able to grow and produce local talent here and letting them know you can be just as successful here as in any city just ticks all the boxes for me.”



Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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