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Girls Grammar Primary Report: Oral Language and the Science of Reading Movement

Oral language skills are incredibly important for communication and socialisation, as they enable us to convey our thoughts, ideas, and emotions to others. The Primary staff at Girls Grammar have been upgrading their own skills to align with current research underpinning the Science of Reading movement. This research not only delves into the ability to read using decodable texts but places an important emphasise on oral language skills in the Early Years. These skills are vital for:

  • Communication: to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely can help individuals express themselves and convey their message to others.

  • Socialisation: allowing individuals to participate in conversations and build relationships with others and navigate social situations.

  • Academic success: tasks such as class participation, presentations, and group discussions.

  • Career success: communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and customers.

  • Cognitive development: higher levels of language and literacy skills which also has links to self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is important to develop and improve these skills through practice, feedback, and instruction across all levels of schooling, not just the early years. As a parent, one way to improve the oral language skills for your child is to ask open questions; not requiring a yes or no answer.

What did you learn in class today?

What was your favourite part of the day?

Did you make any new friends today?

Did you have any interesting conversations or discussions in class today?

Did anything funny or unexpected happen today?

Did you have any difficulties or challenges today?

Is there anything you're looking forward to at school tomorrow?

It's important to listen to your child's answers and respond with empathy and interest. You can also use these questions as a starting point for further conversations, such as asking more about something your child mentioned or sharing your own experiences.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary


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