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Girls Grammar Year 11 Leadership Camp

The Year 11 Leadership Camp at Olsen Caves was an extraordinary journey that pushed the students beyond their limits and allowed them to discover the true essence of leadership. Through a series of exhilarating activities such as caving, high ropes, and orienteering, they were challenged both physically and mentally, ultimately emerging as stronger individuals and cohesive teams.

Caving was an experience like no other. As they ventured deep into the dark caverns, the students relied on each other for support and guidance. Navigating through narrow passages and awe-inspiring rock formations demanded effective communication and trust. Year 11 students learned the significance of clear instructions and active listening as they delved through the unknown. It was here that they realized the power of unity and collaboration, as every step forward required the collective effort of the team.

The high ropes course was a test of courage and determination. Suspended high above the ground, they confronted their fears and took leaps of faith. Balancing on wobbly bridges, tackling challenging obstacles, and encouraging one another, they discovered their inner strength and resilience. The high ropes experience taught them the importance of perseverance, supporting teammates, and leading by example.

Orienteering challenged their problem-solving skills and ability to navigate through unknown terrains. The experience taught them the value of effective decision-making, teamwork, and clear communication. It was a reminder that leaders must be adaptable and resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Beyond the activities, the camp fostered personal growth and self-reflection. Through group discussions, leadership workshops from Mrs Krehlik, Dr Fry and Mrs Kelly, and moments of quiet introspection, they gained valuable insights into their own leadership styles and areas for improvement.

As Year 11 continue their leadership journey, they can reflect on how the camp highlighted a deeper understanding of their capabilities as leaders, a stronger sense of unity, and the knowledge that they can achieve great things when they work together.

Nadene Housman

Year 11 Care Teacher

Subject Area Coordinator - Mathematics and Science



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