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Keeping History Alive

Our students are keeping history alive.

One of our head girls, Tanya Kulu, who comes from Papua New Guinea, fells she will be "doing her country a favour" by taking part in the Rats of Tobruk Anzac Day ceremony next week.

"Over the past years, the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School has helped out the Rats of Tobruk, and we've had a heavy involvement in the Anzac ceremony that they host," she said.

In the last couple of weeks, Tanya and fellow head girl, Sherri Green have been preparing their role in the ceremony with Robert Lang from the Rats of Tobruk Association in Rockhampton.

Mr Lang shared with Tanya and Sherri the history of the Rats of Tobruk and how much it's influenced and impacted our lives today.

"We've been practising and gathering information about the day itself."

"They (Rats of Tobruk Association) pass their knowledge onto us and we're able to spread that and live in the moment they've created for us," said Tanya.

Sherri Green, says it is an honour to take part in the ceremony.

"It's not every day you're asked to do this so it really makes Tanya and I feel privileged," she said.

Sherri fells younger generations have not embraced the history of Anzac Day enough.

"I don't think the younger generations appreciate what the older generations went through to make Australia what it is now," she said.



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