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PNGAus Partnership from a Student Perspective

On the 21 November, our Papua New Guinean sister students joined us in a combined Care Class with everyone in Years 7-9 and from different house teams. The reason for the combined Care Class was the sock swap. During the beginning of the sock swap our visitors were surprised that they were called up first to receive their own socks filled with goodies. This was very shocking for them and unusual because they do not do sock swaps back at their school.

Saturday was filled with lots of fun and laughter. We had such a great time with our PNG partners. We went shopping at our favourite place, Stockland’s, but the highlight of the day was when we went up to Mt Archer. As we were driving up Mt Archer the sun was slowly setting and we could see the beautiful colours of the sunset. We stood at the very top on the grassy platform and the bridge that overlooks our town Rockhampton and all we saw were lights with different colours. We took many pictures with our PNG partners so that they wouldn’t forget us, and we wouldn’t forget them. It was such a great experience and they loved it so much.

The next day, on Sunday, was even better as we travelled to Kemp Beach in Yeppoon with our PNG partners. They were glad and excited when they saw the sea and enjoyed swimming at Kemp Beach. We all laughed and swam to our hearts content. We then went to the lagoon and continued to swim in the pool which was very enjoyable. They were also mixing in with the other girls instead of hanging around with the rest of our own wonderful PNG girls. Whilst hanging with their new friends, they all got lunch. The drive back was very tiring and the girls were excited to see the dorms and most of all their beds.

Nylah Torova

Year 9



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