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Rally for #FairLaws4Farmers

Wearing green ribbons and their boots from home, our students lined the street this morning to show their support for those rallying in Brisbane today.

Strong stances and wise words were spoken our students, most of whom come from the land and want to return there. 

Among them were senior students Erin Goodwin (Narounyah, Alpha), Lucy Brown (Valencia, Capella) and Kasey Davies (Willouise, Wandoan).

All three girls spoke with passion and pride when asked why they were standing up today. 

Kasey, one of our Year 12 Prefects, said she was there to support the farmers – and for her own future.

With plans to head off to UNE next year to study a Bachelor of Ag Science and Agribusiness, Kasey, said she wants to see the government listen to the population – even those not of voting age. 

“I think that what Labor is doing it quite reckless because they’re actually cutting their own resources short and I don’t think they realise that all farmers are actually the conservationists,” she said.

“We know the land better than anyone else and we are trying to save it.

“I don’t think that Labor realises that what farmers are trying to do is exactly what Labor is trying to achieve.”

Similarly, Year 11 student Lucy, who wants to go to JCU to study to become a veterinarian, said she would love to see the premier visit producers. 

“I just wish that they could come out to our place and see what we have to put up with, and see how this is going to effect our properties and how it’s going to effect our lives,” Lucy said.

“It’s everybody – all of the population, and no one understands that it is going affect them as well, because they just expect the food to be at the supermarket when they go down there.

“What happens when that runs out?”

Fellow Year 11 student Erin, who plans on completing a Bachelor of Agriculture at CQUniversity, and then going into Agribusiness, said the long term impact needs to be recognised.

“They don’t know the future impact that they’re going to have,” Erin said of the government.

“We’re going to be short of food soon enough because they don’t know – it’s a long term effect, it’s not going to happen instantly, it will build up over time.”

The girls rallied outside our school this morning, and the show of support from passing vehicles was overwhelming. 

#FairLaws4Farmers #agribusiness #green #support4farmers


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