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Reflect and Revaluate - A message from Deputy Principal - Students

Week 8 of Term 2 is a significant week for many reasons. For most, it is exam and assignment week and, for all, it signifies the end of Semester 1. It is also halfway through our face to face classroom contact for Term 2. It goes without saying that this term, and this year for that matter, is unlike any we have experienced.

As we turn our attention to a new semester of work, for some year levels it means some new teachers and new subjects to experience. We need to take some time to pause and reflect on the year so far. We have achieved so much and endured a global pandemic as a school community. We have had to re-image our ways of working, including curriculum delivery, student and teacher collaboration and assessment. With COVID-19 restrictions and multitude of disruptions that have occurred in our lives, we need to appreciate and respect our ability to endure and be resilient. We have been tested and believe through our grit and determination we have achieved greatness. With all we faced, we continued to stay connected with each other and our schoolwork.

It is now time to revaluate our goals and look to the future. For the goals we have met, let us move the benchmark forward. For the goals we have not been able to achieve we can reassess, regroup and refocus. One part of our goal setting we regularly overlook is prioritising ourselves. We get too caught up with academics and other pursuits, that we neglect to set goals around our own well-being. I would like to challenge each and everyone of you to set a goal that is about you. It could be:

  • getting more sleep

  • being more active

  • reconnecting with your friends

  • making healthier food choices

  • taking a break from social media

I look forward to working will you all, as we embark upon a safe and healthy Semester 2.

Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal - Students



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