Sporting Spotlight

On Monday 25 July, after a couple of rain delays, we held the annual Gift race and the Year 12 Boarder v Day Girl Tug of War competition. The Gift is a 100m handicap race between the fastest 100m runners in each age group from 10 years to Open. This event always generates a lot of excitement and is renowned for close finishes, and this year did not disappoint.

The 2022 Gift competitors were:

10 Years - Vera Cook off a handicap of 21 metres

11 Years - Havana McConachy off a handicap of 11 metres

12 Years - Beryl Toby who was our fastest 100m runner this year and our backmarker running off the 100m mark.

13 Years - Kaylyn Mosby off a handicap of 1 metre

14 Years - Pamela Dau-Uku off a handicap of 4 metres

15 Years - Ellexis Heilig off a handicap of 9 metres

16 Years - Emilia Heilig off a handicap of 8 metres

Opens - Mackinley Cox off a handicap of 6 metres

There was a great crowd down on the oval cheering the girls on and excited screams could be heard all around as a photo finish needed to determine the placings.

Congratulations to Ellexis Heilig who is the 2022 Gift winner, followed closely by Pamela Dau-Uku in second and Kaylyn Mosby in third.

We now moved on to the much anticipated Year 12 tug of war battle between the day girls and boarders. The boarders were feeling cocky as they had the advantage of five extra competitors, however, the day girls were not discouraged … until round 1 where the boarders won in such convincing fashion that it took all of two seconds for it to be over. There was a trail of carnage left in their wake as day girls scrambled to pick themselves up off the ground for round 2.

In true Girls Grammar spirit, the boarders graciously chose some bystanders to assist the day girls and even up the numbers. “Take the strain…PULL”, round 2 was underway. The day girls put up a much better effort but unfortunately the boarders were just too good and the best of three match up was over in two rounds. Victory to the boarders!

Following our school tradition, outlined in ‘The Wider View’ written by Betty Cosgrove, Mrs Krehlik now has the task of baking a cake for the winning team. The boarders will enjoy the spoils of their victory in the coming week.

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport


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