Surviving Isolation - A Message from Deputy Principal (Students)

We are almost one week into online learning due to COVID-19 isolation, things are going better than we could ever have expected. The hard work and dedication our staff have shown through this challenging time, has meant a fabulous start to what would normally be Term 2. We have engaged from lesson one in lots of collaborative lessons using, live video, voice calls and email. I've had the privilege of seeing many smiling faces looking back at me as I walk around observing both teachers and students that are working here on campus.

One of the biggest challenges over the coming weeks is to maintain a good headspace and look after our mental health. Staying connected with your class and teachers is a great first step (if it is only virtually) but we need to make sure we're doing other mindful activities away from the keyboard and other technologies. It is very easy to stay connected to technology and the 24 hour news cycle that is often presenting us with exaggerated and biased views on the pandemic. Each day you need to set aside some time that is just for you. No technology, no distractions, just being present in the moment. The simplest activity you can do is to close your eyes and focus on breathing.

Spending as little as 3 minutes a day has shown to have a significant impact on your overall well-being. I challenge you to also spend a few meals each week with no technology, no distractions, just being present with the people around you and the meal in front of you. If you can, implement some regular physical activity each day to help both your body and mind feel refreshed and invigorated. This may be as simple as going for a walk or could be your very own isolation boot camp (more to come on this one later).

For now I ask you to stay safe and take care of yourselves,. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers and your school. We are here for you. I hope to see you all back on campus soon.

Mr Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal - Students


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