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Tech Tales and Physical Feats: A Journey Through Innovation and Activity


In Primary, our Preps have been introduced to digital technology by looking at different types of technology and their everyday uses, as well as discovering hardware and software components. Our Year 2 students are combining Science with Design Technology to design a strong, waterproof object to carry a sandwich and an orange for five metres, out of two or more different materials. They will design, make, test, evaluate and suggest improvements. 

Our Year 4 digital dynamos have been coding their very own chapter from 'The Twits' using Scratch! They're wielding blocks and crafting algorithms that make their creations come alive. These tech whizzes are adding extra flair to their tales by sprinkling in sound effects and dialogue to make their stories pop!

In Secondary digital technology classes, Year 7 students have been delving into the world of web development, learning the fundamentals of coding with HTML and CSS to design web pages centered around topics of personal interest. Building upon this foundation, Year 9 and 10 students have elevated their skills by incorporating JavaScript to infuse interactivity into their web creations.

Meanwhile, in Year 8, budding animators have been immersed in the captivating realm of stop-motion animation, unleashing their creativity to bring stories to life frame by frame. These engaging projects not only develop technical expertise but also ignite a passion for innovation and creative expression.

Nikki Kelly

Subject Coordinator - Languages, Technologies and Physical Education 


Physical Education  & Health

The year kicked off with an energetic burst of activity in Health and Physical Education classes throughout the school. Here's a glimpse into the exciting endeavours our students have been undertaking:

  • Motor Skills Development: Our youngest learners at the Prep level embarked on a journey of motor skills development at the CAB. They tackled thrilling obstacle courses designed to enhance their running, jumping, balancing, hopping, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities.

  • Swimming Lessons: For students in Year 1 through Year 3, it was all about diving into the pool for Learn to Swim lessons. Meanwhile, the older students in Year 4 through Year 6 dove deeper into stroke refinement for freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Mr Fuller's water games added an extra splash of fun, echoing laughter and excitement along the breezeway.

  • Lifesaving Skills: Year 7 and 8 classes delved into the world of lifesaving, mastering survival strokes, water treading, and rescue techniques. From contact to non-contact rescues, and mastering safe spinal turns, they absorbed a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, Year 7 students honed coping strategies for managing stress and high school demands, while Year 8 students delved into the dangers of substance abuse.

  • Water Polo: Year 9 students enthusiastically took on water polo, honing both team strategies and individual skills. They also explored participation barriers within the sport using Figueroa’s Framework, with many experiencing their first taste of water polo and showing a keen interest. We're hopeful to see some of them take their passion further by joining interschool competitions in Term 4.

  • Biomechanics and Performance Analysis: Year 10 students delved into the intricacies of sport biomechanics, focusing on analysing their freestyle swimming performance. After pinpointing areas for improvement, they crafted personalised training programs and diligently worked towards refining their technique. Their dedication paid off as they observed tangible improvements in their performance over time.

  • Badminton Tactics: In Senior PE, students tackled the tactical nuances of badminton. They quickly learned that success in this fast-paced sport hinges on lightning-fast reactions, sharp agility, and strategic prowess. With each game, they sharpened their skills and strategic thinking to excel on the court.

From aquatic adventures to tactical challenges, our Health and Physical Education curriculum is fostering not just physical prowess but also teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience among our students. Here's to Term 2 filled with even more exciting endeavours and achievements!

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport






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