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The Importance of Feedback - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

Learning how to give and receive feedback is an essential lifelong skill for our girls to develop. They don’t know what they don’t know, and developmental feedback enables them to consider other perspectives. Quality feedback builds social connectedness by others feeling they matter and broadens and builds students’ engagement with others and themselves. When giving or receiving feedback, students are forced to slow down their thinking, to be in the moment and think hard to consider, compare, evaluate and analyse what is being presented. Positive learning and teaching communities rely on feedback to build open, trusting and respectful communication lines, which in turn strengthen the wellbeing of all involved in the feedback process.

The key is to offer and welcome feedback as positive encouragement rather than negative criticism. Even if it is advice we don’t want to hear, it is often the feedback we need to hear. The purposes of feedback include listening to ideas and concerns to improve a situation, suggesting alternative approaches and strategies, monitoring attitudes, behaviours and performance.

The fundamental skill required to be able to offer constructive feedback is active listening, another crucial life skill. The process revolves around the listener offering full concentration so they can understand and respond or repeat back the main message of what is being communicated. While practising active listening the listener will also pickup on Body language and other nonverbal forms of communication that my aid in the understanding of what is being communicated.

Active listening and feedback are vital skills not only for academic pursuits but also when discussing social and emotional issues or ideas with others. Being an active listener means each person has an opportunity to speak and be heard without interruption. In situations of heightened emotion, this process allows for calm and peaceful discussions and results in beneficial outcomes.

Mr Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal - Students


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