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Time to get creative for Beef Australia

Armed with 10 of our visual art students and a wealth of creativity, our Arts Teacher, Ms Nora Hanasy, helped put the finishing touches on the Rockhampton Girls Grammars bull statue.

Nicknamed Collect-A-Bull, the students worked away for a total of 15 hours to transform the bull into a representation of Rockhampton's Art Gallery, just in time to be displayed at Beef Australia 2018.

Ms Hanasy said the 10 girls which all ranged from year nine to 12, felt the prospect of the new art gallery being built on the riverside was an exciting one and deserved to be showcased at Beef Australia 2018.

"We think that is just wonderful because the current gallery doesn't have enough space to have the permanent collection up all of the time for the public to see,” Ms Hanasy said.

"The bull statue is called Collect-A-Bull and it represents the art gallery's private collection and it is a celebration of Rockhampton and its cultural progress.”

Today the girls volunteered their time to spend six hours putting the finishing touches on their bull before being picked up tomorrow, before for the start of Beef Australia.

"These are 10 students who have put their hand up and they are exceptional art students who take it very seriously,” Ms Hanasy said.



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