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Year 10 Semi-Formal and Activity Day

On Wednesday, 27 November, the Year 10 cohort travelled on the school bus (music pumping for the duration of the trip, of course) to Yeppoon to enjoy the annual ‘Year 10 Activity Day’. Once arrived at the beach, the girls dispersed across Yeppoon – some walking to the Yeppoon Lagoon, some to the sandy beaches and others (perhaps the majority) directly to food. A few hours later, the girls clambered back onto the bus (a select few with slightly pink-looking shoulders) and travelled to the next destination, the Kershaw Gardens. Here, the girls seemed to travel back in time and became 7-year-old children once again. Between climbing up and sliding down on the playground and running (but mostly falling over) on a hamster wheel, and a Maccas stop at the very end, the Activity Day most definitely ended on a high.