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Year 2 Excursion - Heritage Village

On Wednesday, 25 of August, Year 2 went on an excursion to the Heritage Village. The girls took a step back in time and learnt about life 100 years ago. We started our day by visiting some cottages and seeing where the people lived. The girls were shocked that there was no electricity and that the kitchen and toilet were outside of the house! After a ride in the old Jeep and vintage car, it was time for lunch. Once our tummies were full, we visited a replica of the Charles Street Fire Station and were met by Barry who told us about the changes in firefighting over time.

Next, we boarded the tram to go to the old school. As we arrived the bell rang and were met by ‘Sir,’ the teacher 50 years ago. The girls stood in silent, straight rows and marched up the stairs. They sat in old chairs and wrote on a slate. The classroom was very dull and boring, there was no electricity and the teacher was extremely strict. What a change from our RGGS learning environments!

After a quick visit to the animals, we rode the tram to the woodcutters to learn about how wood was cut and had a turn swinging the billy. Before we knew it, it was time to board the bus to return to school. The Year 2 students had an amazing day at the Rockhampton Heritage Village and can not wait to return another time!

Natalie Spence

Year 2 Teacher



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