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Year 4 - Mayor Strelow Visit

Year 4 students were lucky enough to have the current Rockhampton Mayor, Margaret Strelow visit their classroom. Students have been working on a unit for HASS about Laws, Rules and Local Government. Mayor Strelow visited our classroom to answer questions the girls had developed such as;

  • How do you get voted in to the local council?

  • Who should I speak with if I want more dog off lead areas in my local neighbourhood?

  • What are some of the strangest local rules? For instance, did you know it was illegal to take a bath in the Fitzroy River! Did you know that before Covid-19 it was illegal to decorate your wheelie bin? Since Covid-19 the local government relaxed rules allowing people to decorate their bins using chalk or washable paint providing they kept the RRC logo intact.

This unit teaches students to be active in their local community and vote when they reach the legal age so that their voices can be heard. Clever. Confident. Connected.

Vanessa Hemson

Year 4 Teacher



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