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A Word from Our Principal

This week we held our final assemblies for the year.

Our Secondary Assembly on Wednesday morning acknowledged students in Years 7-11 for their commitment and dedication to their chosen cocurricular endeavours by awarding Cocurricular Colours. This was a time for all secondary students to celebrate the achievements of their peers across a wide range of sports, the arts, community, individual and team achievements.

At this assembly, students were awarded Half and Full Colours for their high level of participation and exemplary achievements while Merit Colours were presented during Care Class.

I would like to congratulate students for the passion, enthusiasm and commitment they bring to their chosen endeavours, as well as acknowledge and thank the staff, parents, families and members of our school community who dedicate their time to transport, cheer, support and coach our girls!

Primary assembly on Wednesday afternoon provided a time to reflect on the highlights of 2022, congratulate our Preps on (almost) completing their first year of school, and to thank our Year 6 students and wish them all the best for their secondary years ahead. I thought I would include the memories I shared with the primary cohort from this week’s assembly:

  1. After our delayed start to the school year, finally being able to welcome students back, especially our preppies who started their schooling journey.

  2. Cheering on the girls in Year 4, 5 and 6 who participated in the swimming carnival at Southside Pool back in February. They were a very passionate and noisy bunch!

  3. Seeing the girls all dressed up as an inspirational woman on International Women’s Day and hearing their reasons why they chose to honour them. I know there were many girls who honoured teachers, other staff members and parents, and we were all very proud and humbled by this.

  4. Harmony Day, where students school-wide were educated on various countries and cultures.

  5. Our last day of Term 1 where we got to see the creative talents of students (and parents) with easter bonnets, followed by easter activities and cross country. My favourite part of this day was watching the girls run with the older students and hearing them cheer and encourage one another. I still think Mr Borg, who was doing the scoring, might need some help with his counting next year after Paterson lost to Downs House by only ONE point.

  6. Welcoming everyone back to the start Term 2 with our Foundation Day Assembly where we celebrated 130 years as a school and created our gold coin spiral under the CAB. Thank you for your generous donations to help with the restoration of our oldest building, and Heritage listed Paterson House.

  7. Seeing so many students representing Girls Grammar at our Anzac Day events, especially at our town march. I was full of pride to see them walking proudly in their uniforms while paying tribute to those men and women who have served or are serving our country.

  8. Watching the primary girls have so much fun with one another and with the older girls at our athletics carnival at the end of Term 2. I loved their enthusiasm and the way in which they got in the house spirit and participated in all the events.

  9. Shrek! The Musical was amazing. Well done to the primary girls on getting involved as cast or crew for the show. They were such a talent and I’m sure they quickly developed a love for being a member of the school musical family.

  10. Celebrating 100 days of learning for our Preps and joining in with all of the fun activities planned in the ELC with the Preps and Year 1s. I still have my 100 days smarter colouring in up on my wall in my office to remind me of the time I shared with them and to remind myself that every 100 days I get a little bit smarter too!

  11. Book Week and sharing in not only the primary students’ amazing costumes, stories and activities but joining my fellow ‘Old Women’ who swallowed things that they really shouldn’t put in mouths.

  12. Cheering on Paterson (and other Houses) in Inter-House Choir and Primary Ball Games.

  13. The sea of pink with all the students dressed up last week for Pink Gate Day, while wearing their red ribbons to recognise Day for Daniel AND celebrating teachers and teacher aides, thanking and acknowledging them for all that they do to help and support the girls on World Teacher’s Day.

  14. Last but not least Sunny! I think I speak on behalf of everyone who has loved the addition of not just a classroom companion but rather school-wide companion.

But most of all, I love seeing the students’ smiling faces around the school, and visiting classrooms to join in with the learning. I love how kind and caring our girls are and how they make everyone, who visits our school or is a new student to Girls Grammar, feel welcome.

Kara Krehlik




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