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Engagement in cocurricular activities typically drops off in adolescence but research shows that girls in single-sex schools are more likely to participate in team sports and activities well into their senior years. There is overwhelming scientific evidence on the positive effects of sport, team activities and engagement in cultural pursuits to a healthy lifestyle. Setting up these habits during the school years ensures that the benefits to physical and mental health can continue well into adulthood.


Our cocurricular program allows for participation, no matter where students' abilities and interests lie. Our girls and young women can develop their potential culturally, spiritually, socially, civically and physically.



The dance program at Girls Grammar provides an opportunity for girls to participate throughout the year in a variety of styles and performances including: 

  • Secondary Girls Grammar Performance Team

  • Secondary Hip Hop Crew

  • Local and State wide competitions

  • Girls Rock Showcase



  • Prep - Year 6 Get Active Program 

  • Years 4 - 12 Fitness training 

  • Years 4 - 12 Swimming before and after school 

  • Gym sessions 

  • Distance running 

  • Training and planning for club activities and competitions



Girls Grammar is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and extensive music program. Students can be involved in ensembles as well as participate in private tuition with experienced and motivated instrumental teachers. ​Our renowned offering includes:

  • Choral groups

  • Flute ensemble

  • String ensemble

  • Concert Band 

  • Musical Theatre group

  • Annual Musical Production



  • After School Maths tutoring (free of charge) 

  • Speech and Drama lessons on campus 

  • Show Team and Equestrian Team ​

  • Specialist instructors also run courses on campus in activities such as Kung Fu.



At Girls Grammar, students can compete in a range of activities and have the opportunity to represent at both local and national levels. Sports on offer include: 

  • Netball

  • Basketball

  • Softball

  • Rugby 7's 

  • Rowing

  • Athletics 

  • Sports Aerobics 

  • Equestrian 

  • Water Polo

  • Touch Football

  • Swimming 

  • Cross Country 

  • AFL

  • Football 

  • Oztag


Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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