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Girls Grammar girls are encouraged to explore their leadership potential. An Australian study exploring the leadership attitudes of girls in girls' schools showed that single sex schools prepare their students to be strong, independent leaders (Archard, 2012).

Rockhampton Girls Grammar Head Girls for 2023

Our leadership programs foster collaboration and solidarity amongst girls. We break down stereotypes, encourage the girls to rely on one another as allies, and tackle the specific obstacles that prevent girls from pursuing leadership such as self-confidence, self-advocacy, fear of being disliked, and effective conflict resolution. Through collaborative experiences and relationship building with other girls, girls override competitive feelings and work together to achieve success. 

As a girls' school, every leadership position at Girls Grammar is for girls and every girl is supported to show leadership, both formally and informally. Engagement in school life from an early age provides a range of opportunities to display the motivation and confidence necessary to build the skills and social competencies required for leadership. 

Principal Kara Krehlik with 2023 Head Girls Hadasshah Akop and Megan Clark.



  • Students in Year 4-6 are invited to stand to be elected for the Primary Student Council

  • The investiture of the Year 6 students takes place at the beginning of the year to acknowledge their role as Primary leaders. As leaders they attend the GRIP Leadership Conference and implement the Values program throughout the Primary School. 

  • Every Year 4-6 student is a student representative for a Committee or Council, which includes Primary, Humanities, Cultural, ATSI, Boarding and STEAM. 

"I love being a Girls Grammar Girl because we are given so many opportunities to shine without the pressure of boys."


Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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