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Girls benefit from supportive learning environments which are free from traditional gender stereotypes, where they are empowered to behave in competitive ways and where they are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose. 

With a history spanning 131 years, Girls Grammar has a proven track record of providing a nurturing environment where girls are encouraged, empowered, and supported. 


Our girls have the skills, independence and self-confidence to overcome the perceptions and barriers to pursue fields previously dominated by men.


Researchers from UCLA concluded that when compared to their female peers at co-ed schools, not only do girls' school graduates have stronger academic skills and engagement, they demonstrate higher levels of cultural competency, stronger community involvement, and increased political engagement (Righers, Lim and King 2018). 

Research also shows that girls' schools encourage girls to participate in male dominated subjects, including STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics).


A 2017 Monash University study found that girls at single-sex schools were more likely than girls in co-ed schools to study chemistry, physics and high level mathematics.


Norwegian researchers have found that a higher proportion of female peers in lower secondary classes increases girls' maths grades and the likelihood that they will choose STEM-based courses in upper secondary school.


At Girls Grammar, girls are encouraged to actively pursue STEM opportunities, both within and outside the classroom. 

"I feel like this school understands girls and empowers us to be the best we can be."


Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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