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Welcome to Rockhampton Girls Grammar, a school community with a 130 year history of educating strong women. Our rich heritage and traditions, combined with our future-focused educational philosophy, ensure our girls are prepared with the strong learning foundations and personal capabilities they need to engage effectively
in what is our increasingly complex world. 


Girls are our specialty! As Rockhampton’s only girls’ school, we provide lifelong benefits that can only be gained by attending a girls’ school, particularly the elimination of gender beliefs and assumptions.  From Prep to Year 12, every aspect of teaching and learning is tailored to girls, to developing their self-belief, growing their leadership and empowering them with the skills and confidence to be capable,
ethical young women who lead full and rewarding lives beyond their schooling years.


Regardless of the pathway they pursue after school, we know that girls need rich, engaging learning experiences during their formative years. At Girls’ Grammar, we are committed to high quality teaching where girls are nurtured, challenged and supported. Our teachers maintain high expectations for our students, encourage curiosity, collaboration, questioning and problem-solving and provide learning
experiences that foster their intellectual character as well as their social and emotional growth.


Girls Grammar is a boarding school - not a school with a boarding program. One third of our students are boarders - it's central to what we do. We provide a home away from home where community, belonging and inclusiveness are fostered and girls make friendships and memories that last a lifetime. 

The right school is so important for the woman your daughter will become and we know that the decision about your daughter’s education is one of the most important decisions you will make. We value a holistic education where your daughter’s gifts and talents can be nurtured – in partnership with you. It would be a privilege to welcome you to Girls’ Grammar, to show you around our campus and to discuss how Girls Grammar can be the right school for your daughter! I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school.

- Kara Krehlik



Our girls need to be clever. This can be achieved with research-backed teaching methodologies. A broad curriculum, supported by fit-for-purpose technology and resources, will allow them to explore all their options and keep future pathways open. Our work is centred on academic excellence and we also know that success means something different to every girl. Each girl’s progress is individually tracked - and much more than twice a year! Helping your daughter achieve her first choice of university course or career is our core business. 



Our girls need to be confident. Participation in sporting, cultural and enrichment pursuits offers your daughter the chance to learn lifelong skills and capabilities including leadership, public speaking skills, sporting prowess, competitiveness and teamwork. At Girls Grammar, we prioritise the holistic development of our girls so that they grow as well-rounded, confident, curious and strong individuals!



Girls need to be connected and Girls Grammar provides a strong sense of family and community. We provide opportunities for our girls to connect and build positive relationships so that the worth of every individual is acknowledged and valued. Our connections are further developed through our Old Girls Association, a rich community of women who serve and engage in our school community and work towards the improvement of women's education in Central Queensland. Your daughter will become a part of a family network of Alumnae around the region, the state, the nation and the globe. Who knows where these links may take her? Who knows what she will be able to do as a future Girls Grammar Girl? 


Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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