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Gils Grammar


Girls Grammar is more than a school, it's a community. Determining your daughter's education pathway is one of the most important decisions you can make for her. We also believe it should be all about her. At Girls Grammar we know girls learn differently. We know they learn better without distractions. We know they will participate with confidence in an all-girls setting. We know they will be clever, confident and connected. We know this because the research reinforces what we have learned in our 127 years of educating girls.

Girls’ schools encourage girls to use their voice, to advocate and to debate (Tully & Jacobs, 2010). A survey in the United States found that nearly 87% of girls’ school students feel their opinions are respected compared to 58% of girls at co-ed schools ( Girls Grammar supports girls to be informed and to express their views. Our curriculum and cocurricular programs provide opportunities for girls to debate historical and contemporary social and ethical issues, to listen to others’ opinions and to form considered, reasoned arguments.

Reinforcing US research on the advantage of girls’ schools (Laury, Lee and Schnier 2019), Girls Grammar girls are confident and competitive. This is because Girls Grammar facilitates environments where girls can problem-solve, collaborate, develop solutions, which aids in improving self-efficacy. We prioritise developing students’ thinking skills and ensure our curriculum fosters a questioning, challenging, justifying, critical thinking mindset.

We know your daughter will love being a Girls Grammar Girl. 

    At Girls Grammar, girls have pride of place in the classroom, working with technology, on the sports field and on the stage. In an all-girls environment, equal opportunity is not an issue because girls get every opportunity. Outstanding academic achievements across a multitude of NAPLAN Categries. Top 10 OP School in Queensland. *Parlimentary Standing Committe on Employment, Education and Training 2017 comparison.
    Achieved through: small class sizes, specialist teachers, systematic tracking and intervention P-12, effective transition programs, extensive choices of subjects and multiple senior pathways. Our students continue to achieve outstanding results in national and international testing. For over 125 years, Girls Grammar has produced remarkable young women who are highly valued by the community and employers.
    Girls Grammar encourages your daughter to reflect thoughtfully, express her opinions and value the contribution of others. Every student in Years 4 to 12 is a member of a Student Committee or Council, which run events and raise important issues. Year 12 Prefects, elected by students, lead these committees and ensure that all students have opportunities to make a difference.
    Numeracy programs from Prep are engaging and reinforcing. Skilled mathematical presenters and educators visit our school to enrich learning through real-world applications. Each student’s progress in P-12 is monitored and teachers apply strategies, which cater for the learning needs of every student.
    Literacy is a cornerstone of Girls Grammar. Each primary school day encompasses one and half hours of focused literacy development aligned with the Australian National Curriculum embedded in Internationally Acclaimed Literacy Programs. Students are regularly engaged with imaginative, informative and persuasive texts in the areas of reading, structural writing and persuasive processes. Literacy skills in P-10 are mapped and tracked using a Diagnostic Reading Assessment.
    Girls Grammar has seamless wireless infrastructure and Information Technology is integrated into all aspects of curriculum. Every student in Years 4 to 12 receives a fully equipped personal computer to support her learning. Cyber safety is a priority with 24 hour filtering and network monitoring.
    Girls Grammar staff are highly motivated with a passion for teaching, high expectations of learners and a deep commitment to student wellbeing. Girls Grammar staff embrace a professional learning program that enables peer sharing; ensures student feedback, facilitates lesson observations and promotes reflective practice.
    Girls Grammar girls push the boundaries and discover talents through our Cocurricular Program. There are many activities available, including: Cattle Club, Dance Company, Sports Aerobics, Gym Club, Public Speaking, Science and Maths Club, Community Service, Equestrian, Arts Club, Young Playwrights Club, Rowing and a huge range of sports and musical ensembles.
    Girls need to feel safe, respected and valued. They need to feel comfortable to take risks in their learning, to explore new concepts and to think independently. Our Care Program provides learning experiences that facilitate social, emotional and psychological development. Our graduates are confident, resilient women who are ready to take on the world.
    We are a small school with surprisingly extensive grounds and facilities. Over our 127 year history the hallmark of Girls Grammar has been the blend of rich traditions and contemporary thinking. Facilities include: pool, oval and undercover soft fall area, music centre with instrumental tutorial rooms, state-of-the-art science laboratories, contemporary Learning Resources Centre, domestic and hospitality kitchens, art room, gym and dance studio all nestled within tropical gardens and outdoor plazas.


"When your daughter becomes a Girls Grammar Girl, she becomes part of our family." 

When you ask a Girls Grammar Girl what is so special about her school, she will talk to you about sisterhood. 

During their time at Girls Grammar, our girls and young women gain many surrogate sisters. This starts with their 'big sister' who contacts them before their first day at our school and supports them through the first weeks with their new family and throughout their schooling. 

Girls are welcomed into a community that provides them with a sense of belonging, support and security. 

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

"I would definitely encourage any girl to come here because the environment is friendly, the people are nice and they will have more opportunities to learn through different subjects and sports."


Download a copy of our Prospectus today and gain a better understanding about Girls Grammar. Learn more about our Girls Grammar community and what it's like to be a Girls Grammar Girl as told by some of our students, staff, parents and Old Girls. 

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Enrolling your daughter at Girls Grammar has never been easier. Contact us today to find out how. 

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