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A Word from Our Principal - Thanks

As we farewell first term and welcome in April and hopefully a cooler change in weather, I would like to sincerely thank all members of our school community - staff, students, parents and caregivers for your understanding and support throughout Term 1. The delayed start to the academic year, shortened term and the effects of COVID-19 have proved challenging yet we have navigated through successfully.

It has been a busy week for our girls as they completed assessment tasks and for our primary teachers who held their learning conversations with parents before and after school. Our Prep-3 tea party last Saturday was a big success with a strong turnout of current students and parents along with many 2023 Preps and potential new families to Girls Grammar. Thank you for coming and sharing your Saturday afternoon with us in the ELC.

On Tuesday, our annual International Women’s Day luncheon was an occasion to recognise the students voted in by their peers for the inspirational women they dressed as on International Women’s Day earlier in the term. Ms Kelly and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from each of the girls as they shared who they were inspired to dress as and their reasons why.

Healthy Harold and the Life Education Van re-visited Primary again this week with their Ready, Steady, Go! program.

The 2022 RGGS Women in STEAM mentoring program was launched with breakfast on Tuesday, followed by the first mentor-mentee meeting on Wednesday. This program promotes and encourages women employed in science, engineering and mathematical industries.

We concluded the term with a fun filled Friday, with our primary parent daughter breakfast followed by Easter bonnet parade and cross country. It was wonderful to see so many families in attendance for breakfast on McKeague Deck and then accompanying our primary girls to their easter bonnet parade and activities under the CAB. Our secondary students commenced their cross country events at the same time and I must admit my throat is feeling a little hoarse after four hours of commentary on the microphone! Our secondary girls provided much support and encouragement for our primary girls who joined their sports houses after morning tea for the remainder of the carnival.

It was heart warming to hear the girls across all year levels cheer on their peers. It didn’t matter what year level students were in or what house competitors were running for, the noise and encouragement coming from he crowd was uplifting. To see the encouragement from the girls and experience the atmosphere as peers ran alongside one another to get them over the finish line was heart warming. It’s days like today that reinforce why I love my job and it makes me feel so grateful to be a part of the culture and community that makes Girls Grammar such a special place to work. It is definitely a unique and special aspect of our school to see our youngest girls running with our seniors and a memory I am sure our preps and ones will cherish throughout their years at RGGS.

I look forward to welcoming everyone back for Term 2 on Wednesday 20 April which will also be our Foundation Day celebrations for Rockhampton Girls Grammar School’s 130th birthday. This special occasion will begin with a whole school assembly in McKeague Hall followed by the creation of our gold coin spiral under the CAB.

Students will be expected to wear formal uniform on the first day back for Term 2, as is the expectation every Wednesday. I am aware that there were many shortages of required uniform items at the start of the year, however the uniform shop now has all items in stock except for Panama Hats. From Day 1 of Term 2, all girls will be expected to be in full uniform every day of the week, including the wearing of correct badges. Please take the time to check uniforms with your daughters during the holidays and make any necessary purchases. Name badges can be ordered through student services and school and house badges purchased at the uniform shop.

Lastly, I would like to share with the Girls Grammar community, news of the permanent appointment of our Deputy Principal - Students. From the start of Term 2 Ms Nadine Kelly who has been in the Acting role since August 2021 will take on this position permanently. I am sure many of you throughout our school would agree that Nadine has done a great deal in supporting the wellbeing and educational needs of our girls. Nadine has provided much support in the areas of pastoral care for students and their families along with supporting staff to ensure all students are provided with the necessary adjustments to maximise learning outcomes.

Wishing all families and friends of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School a safe, happy and healthy two week break and Easter long weekend. See you all on Wednesday 20 April for our 130th Foundation Day celebrations. Don’t forget to bring along your gold coin collection on our first day back!

Kara Krehlik




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