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Curriculum Catch-Up

It was a delight this week to accompany our Year 5 and 6 Mathematics Extension girls to the Primary Schools Mathematics Teams Challenge. The girls participated in this annual event which has been reinstated after a year’s hiatus due to COVID. There were several rounds including both individual and team challenges. Students initially worked within our school teams but also had the chance to work with students from other schools. All girls participated fairly and with competitive intent and all enjoyed the experience. The girls are already excited to compete again next year. This is just one of the many academic extension opportunities offered each year. Just this week, our secondary Business students participated in a CQUniversity challenge. We have opportunities including debating, the Lions Youth of the Year competition and many others. I have previously talked about the opportunities presented to students in smaller schools. Our students have more opportunities to participate in a variety of academic, cultural and sporting events. This ranges from participation levels right through to national representation. I believe there is something of a tipping point with school size. If a school is too small there is an impact upon resourcing including staff and facilities. If a school is too large there is the real danger of losing community connections and getting left behind. We are well resourced but also know our students. There are not many schools where the Principal and both Deputy Principals work in both primary and secondary classrooms. In fact, there are a great many schools where the executive staff do not work in classrooms at all. By doing so, we are engaging with all areas of the school and get to know girls across Prep to Year 12. At Girls Grammar, we value both connections and opportunities for your daughters.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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