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Curriculum Catch-Up

Year 12 External Examinations

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority has now released the external examination timetable. Examinations will run from Monday 24 October to Tuesday 15 November. You can access a copy of the timetable here

Each General Subject will have an external examination. Mathematics and Science subjects will examine Unit 3 and 4 material with an overall weighting of 50% of the final grade. Arts subjects will examine Unit 3 and 4 curriculum with a final weighting of 25%. All other subjects will examine Unit 4 only with a weighting of 25% of the final grade. Our girls will know their confirmed internal assessment results before external examinations commence.

Each student has already begun formal examination preparations. We ask that parents of our Year 12 girls take some time to reinforce the school’s message that external examinations cannot be prepared for in a short time period. Our mantra is “You cannot cram for an external exam.” The hard work must already be happening, and each girl must take control of her learning.

It is important that our senior girls have the opportunity to experience what external exams will be like. Their involvement in mock exams at the end of this term will allow them to understand the procedural aspects that must be adhered to, as well as giving vital insights into subject specific exam structures. It is also important for them to practice the routines required for concentrated exams in a somewhat more informal environment. Teachers will use the results of these mock exams to inform final preparations in the first weeks of Term 4. Our girls will use them as a yard stick of progress allowing them to focus in on areas requiring further preparation.

By consistently maintaining common sense study habits, each girl gives herself the best possible chance of success. With study fatigue likely to be an issue at some point, it is important to retain focus and project forward to the end. Always keep in mind your end goal. Whilst preparations will be challenging, the planning and preparation undertaken now will reap rewards into the future. Remember that you never want to leave Year 12 with regret of what could have been.

It is important to understand that rewards only come with determination and resilience. These continue to be the dominant factors in our girls finding ultimate success in their endeavours. The habits formed at school will continue through to all facets of life.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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