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Curriculum Catch-Up - Preparing for the New Academic Year

This week, we acknowledged the hard work our girls put into last year’s Semester 2 studies. For many, this resulted in half or full academic colours, however we also made the very important acknowledgement of academic improvement. Occasions such as this provide a good opportunity to reflect on past achievements, as well as disappointments. It is an opportunity for girls to embrace their future as they look forward to 2022.

As the extended holidays have finally drawn to a close, girls might be excited about the new year or perhaps may be dreading the early wake-ups. Either way, it’s a good idea to start preparations for the year now. There are a few simple things any girl can do to ease herself back into study patterns and prepare for the academic year ahead.

Set some goals

Before beginning the new academic year, girls should set some goals to work towards over the course of the year. They should try to set goals that can realistically be achieved and should consider what can be improved on from 2021. Girls may want to achieve a certain grade, get better at completing work on time, or make more of an effort to make new friends. In Care classes, our students will be setting academic goals based upon subject results and current GPAs.

Get Organised

Arranging books and other materials in a suitable study space is key to academic success. Assessment schedules are now available, and girls should start noting down assessment due dates and planning for busy periods in advance. The simple act of clearing and tidying a study area, as well as sourcing new stationery and supplies, is a great way to ease back into study mode and provide initial motivation for the year ahead. With effort at readying a space and materials, girls are much more likely to want to make use of that space.

Think about ways to expand learning opportunities

Girls should start thinking about how they can build their skills outside of the classroom before assessments start to pile up and free time becomes an issue. Our cocurricular expo this Thursday will give girls the opportunity to look at what other activities they can be involved in this year.

Whatever they do to get prepared, girls need to be ready for the inevitable academic challenges ahead in 2022.

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Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies


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