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Leadership and Anti-Bullying - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

Currently, I am attending our Year 11 Leadership Camp. With heavy rain predicted this week, there was some uncertainty around how this would affect the event, but if anything, the weather has enhanced our experience. Being amidst the dry rainforest when it is raining and watching and listening to the water drip down through the limestone walls of a cave that is millions of years old to see how stalactites are formed is truly beautiful. I’m not quite sure how we all feel about the green tree frogs in the toilets however.

Back at school, our Year 12 girls have coordinated activities in anticipation of Do It For Dolly Day, this Friday 13 May. Do It For Dolly Day is part of the Dolly’s Dream campaign created by Kate and Tick Everett following the loss of their daughter, Dolly, to suicide after ongoing bullying. Their goal is to prevent other families ‘walking this road’ and to change the culture of bullying through education and direct support to young people and families.

Students in Years Prep to 12 collaborated to develop kindness pledges that will be displayed throughout the school for the remainder of the week. They wrote affirmations for students attending the next class and watched videos from the Do It For Dolly website. This is not a priority for a single day but every day.

Leadership development and an anti-bullying culture are, and will continue to be, two important focus areas of our Pastoral Care program here at Girls Grammar.

Nadine Kelly

Deputy Principal - Students



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