Mindset is Everything - A Message from Deputy Principal (Students)

With exams and assignments behind us and only a day until the Christmas holiday break, it is important for us to move into the holidays with the right mindset.

The upcoming holiday break is a great opportunity to take some time out and reflect on the hectic academic year that was 2020. It is also a time to reconnect with family and friends. For those of us who can, I strongly recommend maintaining as much face to face contact with our friends as possible. In person or online, make the most of your connections.

Take some time to refocus and recalibrate your goals for 2021. Not everything has gone to plan this year and that is OK! Focus on everything you have overcome! Set some goals for 2021, not just academic but personal goals also.

  • Walk more

  • Read a book for fun

  • Get to know someone new

  • Learn a new skill

  • Study in a group more

  • Do more individual revision

  • Get more sleep

  • Make more time for me

Celebrate your achievements this year, no matter how small. Each little achievement adds up and adds to your self-esteem. Create a vision board for 2021. Include your short term and long term goals. Having a constant visual reminder, is a great way keep you focused and maintain a positive attitude. The combination of a vison board and a weekly timetable is a sure fire way to start 2021 with renewed vigour and focus.

I wish you all a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday break – you deserve it. Have fun, stay safe, stay connected and be nice to your family.

I wish you all every success in the coming years, farewell and best wishes.

Ryan Cheers

Deputy Principal (Students)


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