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Mobile Phone Policy - A Reminder from Acting Deputy Principal - Students

Usually I get to write about the wonderful things that are happening around this great school however, this week it is unfortunate that I need to cover off issues around adherence to our rules and policies.

Over recent weeks, I have had to provide numerous reminders to students around acceptable use of mobile phones when at school. Despite communication from Care teachers and other staff, some students are continuing to disregard the School’s mobile phone policy. In situations where there have been breaches, there are instances of staff being challenged by students about the guidelines.

As a result, the Executive team will review the policy in coming weeks to provide more clarity moving forward. In the interim, I have included and placed in bold print some of the key aspects of the current policy below:


In the event a primary student requires a mobile phone:

  • parents must put their request in writing to the Deputy Principal – Students.

  • the phone must be handed in at the front office upon arrival at school. The phone must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

  • the student must collect the phone from the front office at the end of the day.

  • it can only be used in emergency situations and then only at the front office.


Due to the increased independence and responsibility given to middle years students, particularly related to travel between home and school, middle school day students are permitted to bring phones to school under the following circumstances:

  • Phones are handed in to the front office under the same conditions as above; OR

  • Phones are to be turned off and kept in the student’s locker and they are not to be used during the day. They may be turned back on at 3.00pm upon the completion of the day’s program. Sports days, excursions, camps and any school-organised activities are treated as school days.


Senior students are permitted to carry mobile phones under the following conditions:

  • Phones should be turned off during lessons, in study times, examinations or when stored in a locker.

  • Phones may be used within a class if requested by a teacher and only for educational purposes.

  • If students need to check their phone, they should do so during their breaks. This should be a quick check and then the phone should be put back in their locker or kept in their pockets.

  • Students should not use their phones for extended periods of time during their break. Activities such as searching the internet, checking social media or posting messages using any form of social media are not appropriate for a school environment.

  • Students should not be making phone calls during school hours. If the need arises to make a phone call, students should go to Student Services where they can make their call.


  • In the first instance, the phone will be taken to the office for collection at the end of the day.

  • In the second instance, the phone will be taken to the office for collection by the parent (day) or Head of Boarding (boarder).

  • In the third instance, permission to carry a phone will be withdrawn for the remainder of the term.

Your support with assisting us to administer these guidelines is always appreciated.

Nadine Kelly

Deputy Principal - Students


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