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Rockhampton Girls Grammar: Primary Graduation Ceremony report

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Year 6 students and their teacher's Miss Morgan Meredith and Ms Sophie Harwood posing for a school photograph in 2022 at Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, , and Director of Primary Jacqui Goltz.
Year 6 students graduating primary school at Rockhampton Girls Grammar in 2022, with their teacher's Morgan Meredith and Sophie Harwood, with Director of Primary Jacqui Goltz.

The Year 6 students walked into McKeague Hall for the final time as a collective group while the distinguished guests, parents and staff were entertained by a moving Prep image and a video of each student in a place they find significant in the school.

Some students shared their memories from their time in the Primary classrooms and reminisced about their favourite moments.

It was great to have staff members who have shaped their lives in the audience, and able to share in this special day.

The Year 6 cohort performed four pieces from their St Cecelia exams a few weeks prior, where they received a wonderful score of 82%.

With having two classes for the first time, Miss Meredith and Miss Harwood presented 6G and 6W to Board member Ken Murphy, Councillor Drew Wickerson and Mrs Krehlik.

It is exciting to see this group of students in our school ready and eager for the next step in their educational journey as they head towards Year 7.

Students, families and friends enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea on the deck prepared by our fantastic kitchen staff.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary



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