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Year 12 Valedictory Competition

The Year 12 Valedictory Competition is unique in the Girls Grammar Oratory competitions due to the importance of the final result, and the criteria which is applied. The winner becomes the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Valedictorian, a prestigious honour, as they need to represent their entire cohort for the last speech of Speech Night – easily one of the most important formal functions of the year as it celebrates the impressive achievements of so many of our young ladies. Thus, the judges need to consider criteria such as: authenticity; emotiveness; humour; impact on the audience; reflection on not just the individual’s own experiences through school and Girls Grammar, but reflections on their cohort; consideration of Girls Grammar values; and thanking their cohort, parents and staff for their support.

This year the judges’ decisions were unanimous for our Valedictorian, and their choice has been supported by both staff and students who attended the competition. The results are kept secret until the announcement on assembly. Generally, only approximately 10 staff members know and are sworn to silence. When our 2022 Valedictorian was announced this week, McKeague Hall exploded with enthusiasm and excitement, further confirming the authenticity, success, and high regard for this young woman in our community.

So with great pride, Rockhampton Girls Grammar School would like to announce our results:

VALEDICTORIAN – Salani Hoffman;

SECOND – Allysah Rasin;


PARTICIPATION - Gretchen Davis-Hill, Bridie Dendle, Andie Lang, Muguzi Wailu.

Another reason this competition is so different from our other Girls Grammar Oratory competitions, is that the entire event is filmed. The camera is turned on at the beginning, and is not shut off until the conclusion of the event. Thus, some interesting moments are captured. A video of the speeches, will be available at the beginning of Term 4 for the ladies to download and share with family and friends. An addition to the video was just added a couple of years ago. At the moment, it is called “Sharing Memories” where any Year 11 or 12 can grab the mic at the conclusion of the official speeches. In this section, the ladies get to share funny, poignant, reflective stories about the members of the graduating class.


These will be held this term, in English classes, after assessment and camps. Students have been encouraged to nominate. It is voluntary, and an excellent opportunity for the young ladies of the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School community to share their thoughts and passions.

Lee Bartlem

English and Literacy Teacher



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