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A Message from Deputy Principal -Students

The Value of Goal Setting

This week our Year 12 students commenced their external exams and in a little over two weeks they will finish their formal schooling. Regardless of whether they are transitioning to tertiary education or taking a gap year to work and earn money before embarking on their next adventure, goal setting is essential to long-term success as unless you define the ‘destination’ how can you get there?

Attainment of goals rarely occurs by accident. From an academic perspective, setting goals has been proven to relate to an increase in motivation and growth in learning.

At Girls Grammar our school motto ‘Non scholae, sed vitae’ roughly translates to Not only for school but for life we are learning. Goal setting for life, not just for academic purposes, can also help young people gain a sense of direction, motivation and purpose.

In my experience, there will always be girls who have their future path mapped out when they leave secondary school while the majority probably won’t. Others will have big dreams that seem impossible to accomplish but can be discouraging when considering their future.

In each of these circumstances, personal goal setting can support young people by breaking down their aspirations into smaller, more achievable blocks.

As students work through a sequence of smaller goals they are more able to formulate a plan of how one achievement can lead to another and allocate time and resources more efficiently. Research also suggest that as students achieve these smaller goals they experience feelings of success which, in turn, leads to greater confidence and motivation to continue.

Regardless of what our girls would like to achieve next year, goal setting gives them a way to measure their progress through life, using leadership skills, critical thinking, and determination. I wish them the very best of luck during their external exams and in all of their chosen future endeavours. Non scholae, sed vitae.

Nadine Kelly

Deputy Principal - Students



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