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A Word from our Acting Principal - Assessments, ISQ and World Teachers' Day

This week marks an educational milestone in the education journey of the Class of 2021 with the start of their senior external exams. Between 22 October and 16 November almost 38,000 Year 12 students will sit external assessments in 80 subjects across 450 schools. I wish them every success over these three weeks before they spend their final days as students of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

Next week our Year 7-10 students have their final lessons of curriculum delivery and revision before beginning their final assessment block for the year. Plan, prioritise and practice girls, just try not to procrastinate! Everyone is on the home stretch, but it isn’t a case of winding down as we approach the end of term, as you have seen on our calendar and each week’s What’s On; we are definitely ramping up!

Throughout Term 4 I have had the privilege of visiting and spending time in each of our primary classes. To actively participate in the teaching and learning that is occurring and visibly see the engagement and progress our young girls are making is the most rewarding aspect of educational leadership. This is an integral part of building relationships and knowing more about our students and their journey of growth and development.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with the new CEO for Independent Schools Queensland, Christopher Mountford and Director for School Improvement and Performance, Mark Newham. Christopher and Mark took the time out of their busy schedules to spend the day in Rockhampton visiting schools and meeting Principals. This was a worthwhile opportunity to discuss current school successes, community engagement, teacher growth and development, wellbeing, student achievement along with staff engagement with ISQ resources and professional development opportunities. In this month’s ISQ Memoranda, CEO Christopher Mountford analyses the positive trends in enrolment data released in the School Choice: A Research Report 2021 from Independent Schools Australia. Analysis of 20 years of enrolment data by Independent Schools Australia (ISA) reveals the independent sector has increased its enrolment share every year since 2000, starting at 12.5% and climbing steadily to a high of 16.2% in 2020. Included in the many positive findings from this report is the confirmation that Australian parents with children in all school sectors value the role of independent schools in the nation’s educational landscape and the choice they offer families. Finally, results from survey data included in the report support what has been shown for more than 20 years, which is families choose independent schools for their educational excellence, good teachers, good facilities and supportive and caring environment. Here at Girls Grammar we pride ourselves on being able to provide these important aspects for your daughters and families.

This Friday 29 October we celebrate and thank teachers across Queensland on the official World Teachers’ Day. Our teachers play an important role in our school community, making a difference every day by educating and inspiring our girls. This year’s theme is ‘Say thank you on World Teachers’ Day!’ to highlight the importance of acknowledging and showing appreciation for the positive impact our teachers have on the lives of students. While we recognise the hard work and commitment of our teachers, I would also like to highlight the integral role all of our staff play in the running of our school. A lot of this is done behind the scenes, but without it we wouldn’t function as effectively as we do with the amazing team we have. To the cleaners, administration staff, facilities and maintenance team, finance staff, kitchen and laundry staff, thank you. As Walt Disney stated, “whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort.”

Kara Krehlik

Acting Principal



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