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A Word from Our Principal

'Old Girl’ is a term of endearment often heard around Rockhampton Girls Grammar School and across the community both near and far. As a school with rich history and proud traditions, we value our Girls Grammar heritage and network of alumni. It appears that reference to being an ‘Old Girl’ is worn as a badge of honour by past students (some a little older than others) and this connection joins many generations of women in familiarity.

We always love welcoming 'Old Girls' back to the school and I believe they get as much enjoyment out of their return. Last Friday evening the school hosted our Old Girl Association on McKeague Deck for their annual Christmas Dinner. This is always a wonderful occasion for the ladies to gather, share fond memories, meet and mingle with fellow 'Old Girls' across a range of ages.

In addition to the Old Girls' Christmas Dinner last week, our Year 11 students were entertained on Friday by 'Old Girl' Patty Beecham (nee Warby). Patty generously fit in a visit to her old school in her busy schedule while in Central Queensland for her early memoir Book Launch, “Growing up, Rocky”. The Year 11 cohort enjoyed hearing the many stories from Patty about her childhood in Rockhampton and experiences while a student at Girls Grammar, as well as the process of writing her book. I’d like to thank Patty and all the 'Old Girls' who returned on Friday for their continued support and strong connection they bring to our school’s heritage, as this is what fosters an enduring sense of connection for each Year 12 graduating cohort.

Whilst on the topic of Year 12 and 'Old Girls', our 2022 cohort are about to complete their external examinations before becoming the next cohort of 'Old Girls'. The week ahead is full of events, celebrations, achievements and milestone moments, commencing on Tuesday with our Boarder’s Farewell Dinner, followed by Girls Rock on Wednesday evening, our Year 12 Final Assembly and Graduation Ceremony on Thursday and Speech Night on Friday.

As is tradition, Speech Night will conclude with the announcement of our incoming Prefects’ Portfolios along with our two Head Girls. In the course of the Executive team allocating Prefect Portfolios this year, a discussion on the role, responsibilities and activities of each portfolio occurred. As a result, what has been known as the Secondary Portfolio has been replaced with the Student Wellbeing Portfolio commencing in 2023.

This change supports and aligns with the School’s Strategic Directions, in particular Focus Area 2: ‘Unique Culture of Personalised Care’, as well as addressing a key area for improvement identified in our School Results Survey earlier this year.

While our Year 12 students and current Prefects have been concentrating on their external examinations, Ms Kelly and I have already been meeting weekly with our incoming Prefects. When this change in Portfolio was raised with them, it was reassuring to hear the great deal of positivity and enthusiasm they all showed towards this highly relevant Portfolio and the importance its impact will have on students. We are very excited to create this new role and look forward to the contribution it will make to supporting the wellbeing of our students at Girls Grammar.

I look forward to seeing a lot of you across next week’s events to share in the many school and student successes and celebrations throughout 2022.

Kara Krehlik




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